Intelligenza artificiale

QBT develops algorithms and software in the fintech area, backed by a proof experience in the direct provision of services.
The mentioned experience has increased our know-how, consolidating our ability to develop tailored and customized management softwares in order to provide the best technological solution according to the specific customers’ needs.
Moreover, through a deep research and development activity we explored new areas of business turning into a point of reference in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and, in particular, in the Natural Language Processing and machine learning.
We develop all of our research activities thanks to a close cooperation with universities and research institutes, which represent the natural competence network at QBT.

Software Development

The experience gained in software development allowed us to design and realize management softwares in different sectors and with different programming techniques.

We privilege a web environment based on the PHP/MySql combination, but we also provide solutions with VBA in Microsoft environment (Excel/Access) or softwares with high level languages (C, Java, Delphi).


Software Development: University Management

Sviluppo Software: Gestione Università

QBT has developed the management software Eloquentia for UCM United Campus of Malta Higher Education Institution.