Intelligenza artificiale

QBT develops algorithms and software in the fintech area, backed by a proof experience in the direct provision of services.
The mentioned experience has increased our know-how, consolidating our ability to develop tailored and customized management softwares in order to provide the best technological solution according to the specific customers’ needs.
Moreover, through a deep research and development activity we explored new areas of business turning into a point of reference in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and, in particular, in the Natural Language Processing and machine learning.
We develop all of our research activities thanks to a close cooperation with universities and research institutes, which represent the natural competence network at QBT.


Over the years, we specialized in the development of algorithms and softwares for the financial sector, for the control of stock exchange trading and for the management of non-performing loans, both mortgage-backed and unsecured, risk analysis and valuation of real estate asset.

The development of our products was possible thanks to the combined use of traditional techniques, such as statistical analysis, and experimental techniques related to new research areas, such as  the use of behavioral models and agent-based simulation ones.


QBT realizes, upon specific request of its customers, white-label or in house products and services, investing in projects trusted to be worth which are always rooted and raised from the research and development area.

One of our greatest result was the development of a method of valuing and forecasting cash flows deriving from the activity of collecting non-performing loans (NPL). The big difference with the other existing methods lies in the fact that the valuation process takes into account the type of credit, i.e. guaranteed and non-guaranteed, thus generating a provision of collection and its timing.

The algorithm is based on a complex mix of technologies:

  • purely algorithmic calculation
  • statistical analysis
  • agent-based simulation
  • complexity analysis

We are able to provide different solutions according to the various and multiple needs and to the quality/quantity of the available data.

The algorithm input can result from data entry activities on management software specifically developed and tailored on customers’ needs or from massive traces extracted from the Customer’s systems.

The results can be produced in a raw format, for subsequent processing in excel sheets, or may be aggregated and reinterpreted through business intelligence tools.


Fintech: Gemini Management System

Gemini Management System

Gemini is the web-based software developed by QBT to manage NPL, both mortgage-backed and unsecured (a demo is available at the following link: www.cubiti.ch).
The long experience of QBT in this sector allowed creating an extremely flexible module based software tailored on the real needs of the Customer.
Gemini allows managing the static component of the loan (Title -> Guarantee) and the dynamic part (Legal Action -> Lot -> Property/out-of-court recovery -> operating flow).
The software creates standard reports in the form of management file and records of accomplishment in different formats.
The access to the system takes place through user profiles protected by passwords tailored on different profiles according to the level of interaction with the system.

The Gemini software is genuinely suitable for the due diligence of non-performing loans.